Our Story. Our Heritage.

We recognize the significant social, artistic, medical and nursing histories of the MUHC hospitals since 1821,
that contributed to the development of Montreal.

We aim to preserve and highlight existing artifacts – and other visual objects from this rich heritage – in dedicated exhibition spaces as an integral part of our leading-edge healing environment designed for patients, their families, and staff at the MUHC.

Caps Of Courage

A Nursing Journey
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Tea time.

Silverware was a luxury and was seldom purchased unless as gifts and presentation pieces.

This tea service was presented to the first Superintendent of Nurses at the Children’s Memorial Hospital when it was locate at 500 Guy Street, upon her retirement. Hand made by the master goldsmith Carol Poul Petersen, the engraved demi-tasse spoons were presented to Montreal Children’s Hospital nurses at a yearly tea as a token of gratitude for their service. 

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Moving Queen Victoria.

Sculpted in London by Contess Feodora Gleichen, the Queen’s niece, this statue shows Queen Victoria enthroned with two children by her side, each respectfully representing sickness and injury. The founders of the Royal Victoria Hospital, Lord Strathcona and Lord Mount Stephen, commissioned the sculpture for the opening of the hospital in 1897 and to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Over the years it has become hospital lore to touch the knee of the Queen for good luck.

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